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My partner and I are amazed... and very moved. He gets it. He really gets it... I hope to see many more politicians have this change of heart...

My partner wrote him a letter after seeing this, she said I could share as well.

"Mayor Sanders,

I am not one of your constituents. I live in Phoenix, AZ with my partner of 6 years. However, it was necessary to thank you for your courage in doing the right thing. I'd begun to give up hope that any politician would ever understand, but then I watched your speech on YouTube. Your summary of the issue was so beautiful and perfect that I can't stop crying for happiness.

Thank you for giving me back the hope I'd lost."

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I sent an email as well.
Thank you for posting that, seriously.

Gives hope.

I'll definitely bring it up in my GSA.
I was on the search for friends and such, and as a gay big man from New York City, I came upon this link and thought that I would look at it. Funny enough, I am Puerto Rican, and someone that I have recently started talking to is Italian so the gaymafia caught my eye. I started to read this posting and once I viewed the youtube video I was amazed. More because of the loss I had of words at first and the changes that we all can make if we can get past our anger and use compassion to reach out to those that that do not understand and for those that are too afraid to. Congrats on your 6 year partnership, I too hope to one day boast about such a wonderful thing, but until than I still think that there is a necessity to keep the fight strong and alive and I just wanted to share that I was touched by it and thanks for the opportunity to view such a thing. Best wishes,

I'm not sure if 'your welcome' or 'thank you' is the appropriate response here. So instead, I'll just say: Beautifully put and best wishes in return. :)