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Moral Majority founder Rev. Jerry Falwell dies at 73

Boo-fucking-hoo! I'm sure someone will blame The Gays for this "disaster" as well...
Please, we shouldn't insult dicks that way. I like them way too much to have this negative connotation.
If there were a just-and-loving God, he or she would have made this ass-hat live to be 110; to further support the myth that the good die young; and so that also, this bastard will know what its like to shit himself, every single day for the rest of his life.
Now... can we start taking bets on Fred Phelps?
(From my journal) - I usually don't celebrate deaths, but Jerry Falwell's life stood for intolerance, bigotry, christian supremacy and hatred. He did so much damage to me by poisoning the minds of my family and people I love and turned them against me - simply because I am Gay. He and his ilk have brought America to the edge of global ostracization by negatively influencing foreign policy and making great effort to impose puritanical values upon all Americans, regardless of their belief and without regard to the Constitution. Setbacks to human rights and civil liberties everywhere have suffered because of the elitist snobbery of his christian supremacy agenda and the tactics used to convince people that they would go to hell if they didn't believe the way dictated/voted the way he demanded/donated the amount of money he tallied.

I hated him, and I'm glad he's dead. Good riddance, asshole.

Myeeaah - where's your messiah now?
- Chief Wiggam

Yeah, he does!