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Gay Mafia

We're here, we're queer, and we're fabulous...

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  • This community is open to all people who are gay, lesbian, bi, straight, questioning, transgendered, or otherwise. As long as you are at least queer-friendly, join on up!

  • Those who are anti-gay will be beaten to within an inch of their life... and then we'll finish the job.

  • Maintained and Moderated by gaymafiakingpin.

So, I'm thinking we can have this community open to all ages. Age restrictions are difficult to enforce as anyone can lie on the date of birth on their userinfo page, and I don't have time to follow-up on ages anyways. Of course, by opening it to all ages it would mean that no one may post any sort of pornographic material.

Now, of course, I have no objection to porn, but it's probably best that this not become a porn community. People tend to forget to <lj-cut> that stuff and it shows up on your Friends page. I don't believe in censorship of other content, though, so if you want to swear your head off and such, more power to you.

I think the route that I would personally like to take with this community is to use it for discussing coming out stories, injustice toward gays, and gays fighting back against discrimination/oppression. Links to relevant news articles would be good too. Although it's not my personal favorite, some people like that and this is a community, not just another journal for me.

I'd really like to heavily integrate straight people even though some breeders may be put off by the name of the community. I think straights have a lot of insight on opinions toward the LGBTQ community. The main subject of the community would be gay-related but I want the people of the community to be all-inclusive.

I'm going to also be very diligent in not allowing flame wars!

Your Friendly Mafia Kingpin,

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